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Kingsgate Bay

With dogs able to access the beach all year round, Kingsgate Bay is a popular spot for walkers in and out of season, and is a quiet beach in Broadstairs. 

With around 150 metres of sweeping sand, the bay is almost dwarfed by the towering chalk cliffs surrounding it, which adds to its sense of seclusion and tranquillity. 

The beach, accessible by several flights of steps, is also famous for its plentiful sea caves. Some of the most beautiful cavernous chalk cliffs in the country, they provide the perfect excuse to embrace your inner explorer. 

For keen hikers and cyclists, Kingsgate Bay is also a beach on the Viking Coastal Trail, which is popular both in and out of season. Still a well-liked spot for daytrippers and families as it’s much less busy in the summer months than its neighbouring bays. The water is suitable for paddling and swimming.
Please note: This beach is not life-guarded at any time during the year and it is important to stay vigilant for the incoming tide as it could block access to the entrance of the beach.

There are no facilities or amenities on the beach, but The Captain Digby, a pub on the Viking Coastal Trail, is within walking distance and provides beautiful views looking out over the bay. Serving a selection of food and drinks, the pub has both a large terrace and an indoor seating area. A family-friendly pub in Broadstairs, it still retains its traditional feel with added child-friendly and contemporary touches. For children, the pub has both an outdoor pirate’s playground, as well as an indoor soft play area, which is separated from the pub’s main dining area but has limited seating available.

Dogs are allowed in the outside seating area, but are not allowed inside the pub. If you visit during the winter months, the Botany Bay Hotel is within walking distance past the North Foreland Golf Club and allows dogs all year round both inside and outside.
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There is no parking available at Kingsgate Bay but you can walk from Joss Bay, which has a large metered car-park in the peak months.

A dog-friendly beach, Kingsgate Bay is a short taxi ride from Broadstairs station and High Street if you don’t have a car.

It’s hard to visit any bay along the Thanet coastline that isn’t steeped in history, and Kingsgate Bay boasted a royal connection when King Charles II was forced to land his ship in the bay during a storm in 1683 – later ordering for the name to be changed.The beach had originally been named St Bartholomew’s Gate and could be accessed via an arch from Holland House – now converted to holiday apartments on what was once the estate of Lord Holland. 

Lord Holland also housed his horses at Kingsgate Castle, which can be seen from the bay. The Captain Digby pub is named after his Lord Holland’s nephew, Admiral Robert Digby, who played a part in the American Revolutionary War.